Jake Fairfield - April 7, 2024

The Horns of Power

Discussion Questions How does leaning on the sovereignty of Jesus help you in your suffering? Do you find yourself getting sucked into the idea that you need more control? How can you look like Jesus in those moments? Do we recognize our pride for what it really is? How have you excused your own pride in the past? What does it look like to surrender your pride to Jesus this week? How has God both humbled and exalted you recently?

From Series: "Daniel: God Reigns"

Join us as we delve into the Book of Daniel this spring. God reigns throughout generations, shaping our life stories. We will explore the timeless themes of pride and humility, the faithfulness of God, and how he is worthy of our hope and trust. Together we will discover how to navigate the complexities of our culture while steadfastly standing firm in faith before the Lord.

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