Missions & Outreach

The good news is for all people everywhere!

Chelten is deeply committed to sharing the love of Jesus with the world around us. To this end, we financially support, pray for and partner with individuals and organizations in our local community and in more than seventeen countries worldwide. Some serve in evangelism, church planting, ministry training or pastoral roles while others serve through the avenues of medicine, education, business and more seeking to proactively live out the heart of Jesus. 

Engage your world missionally. “Lord, why not use us?” At Chelten, we believe that our daily interactions are also  mission opportunities. Discover your role in loving people and making disciples of Jesus Christ in our local community and all over the world.  

Global Outreach

You can connect with, support and encourage Chelten’s missionaries who are serving all over the world. Questions? Contact Pastor Jin Lee | [email protected]

Local Outreach

Join the work of these Chelten supported organizations located right here in our community. Bethany Safe Families, Cradle of Hope, Harvest USA,  and International Christian High School.

Serve Refugees

Interested in serving refugees right here in Philadelphia? Join our Afghan Outreach Team: English help, financial literacy, transportation, and more. 

Our Local Outreach Partners