Jin Lee - March 31, 2024

Hope Changes All Things: A Story of Resurrection

Discussion Questions Reflect on a time of failed hope and its impact on you. How does this align with the idea that we are "hope-shaped creatures"? What narrative do you often find yourself sharing about your life? Is it a success story, a discovery story, a self-martyr story, or a story of hope and grace? What are some ways you can demonstrate and live out the hope of resurrection through your love for others?

From Series: "Daniel: God Reigns"

Join us as we delve into the Book of Daniel this spring. God reigns throughout generations, shaping our life stories. We will explore the timeless themes of pride and humility, the faithfulness of God, and how he is worthy of our hope and trust. Together we will discover how to navigate the complexities of our culture while steadfastly standing firm in faith before the Lord.

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