Jim Lovelady - December 1, 2019

The Consolation of Hope

The Consolation of Christmas

When life really hits us with struggles, hardship and disappointment we tend to either fall into despair or we deal with our problems by disengaging from them. Neither one of these makes the world a better place. What the world needs is humble people who are courageous enough to honestly look at the brokenness of this world and diligently work to build something good. What the world needs is a people who have genuine hope. Join us this Sunday as we declare that Jesus Christ is our Hope.

From Series: "The Consolation of Christmas"

The prophet Isaiah was a messenger of God's consolation. “Comfort, comfort to my people,” he says in Isaiah 40. The prophet announced that the Lord promises to bring unparalleled comfort. For those enslaved by cynicism, he offers hope. For those lost in confusion, he offers faith. For those overwhelmed with sorrow, he offers joy. For those broken and fragmented, he offers peace. For those who wait with hope, faith, joy and peace, he promises Love. Join us this Advent season as we declare the promises of God to a culture that is waiting for consolation.

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