Jin Lee - October 29, 2023

Can I Really Change?

Discussion Questions Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Can I really change?" What prompted this question in your life, and what are some areas in which you've desired change or personal growth? The story of Saul's conversion illustrates the idea that when you have no way out of your blindness, God pursues you. Have you ever felt pursued by God? What was that experience like for you? How does God's choice of Ananias, an ordinary believer, to play a pivotal role in Saul's conversion teach us about God's use of everyday individuals for His purposes?"

From Series: "Beautiful Church: A Study in Acts"

Through our sermon series, “Beautiful Church,” in the book of Acts, we’ll explore the foundational elements of the early church and discover how Jesus created a community that has flourished throughout the ages. This series will inspire us to embrace our calling, love one another, and share the hope of Christ in all seasons, just as the early church did.

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