Sunday Morning Worship @ 9:00 & 10:45 | (215) 646-5557

Worship Services

We long for weekly, Christ-centered, Spirit-led worship services that move our hearts closer to the Father and then overflow into our personal lives.

We recognize that in each human heart is a deep hunger to be connected with our Creator since he is the source of all life and goodness.

And yet, we also recognize the sad reality that we so easily look for life in anything but the Creator. Our Sunday morning worship services are key opportunities for us to re-center our lives around His as we experience again that what Jesus does in people is just as meaningful in our culture as it has been for the past 2000 years.

Our Worship Services

Our 75—minute worship services begin at 9:00 am and 10:45 am. We take time to sing together a blend of contemporary praise songs and hymns, pray, greet each other and be challenged by God’s word. We are a come-as-you-are church where jeans-and-T-shirt people mix with business casual. At no time will we single you out by asking you to stand on your own, raise your hand, announce your pet’s name or do backflips down the aisle. While kids are welcome, you typically won’t see them during the first service as they meet in smaller classes geared toward their needs. Ask one of our roaming Welcoming Team volunteers or stop by the Welcome Center to find out where your child meets. We look forward to worshiping our great God with you!