Sunday Morning Worship @ 9:00 & 10:45 | (215) 646-5557

Sunday Classes for Adults


We Believe

9-10 am | Fellowship Hall | Jan. 8–April 2

We Believe explores Chelten’s Statement of Faith and will be taught by some of our elders and pastors. Each week will be devoted to one point in our church’s doctrinal statement. Everyone is welcome to come and learn what the Bible teaches about our Christian faith.

Discovery Bible Study

9:15–10 am | Fellowship Hall

Do you long to effectively share the truth of God’s Word with your friends and family in a way that’s easy to understand? Come and join us as we study the Bible using an amazingly simple approach that’s sweeping the world.


9:45–10:45 am | Room 101

This class for adults with disabilities is expertly and compassionately led by John Weise.