…let your light shine before others…
Matthew 5:16

October 23-27

During this special five-day missions initiative, we’ll explore together ways we can be salt and light to our neighbors, coworkers, teammates, classmates, friends, families and people who cross our paths every day.  

Shine begins with our normal Wednesday evening activities and concludes with a panel discussion/Q&A on Sunday morning. On the days in between various Chelten missionaries, elders, small group leaders, coaches and businessmen will inspire and encourage us by sharing ways God has led them to be salt and light. Shine is for everyone and involves all of our ministries.



7:00 pm
Explorer Girls | Room 410
Julie Samuelson

Master Builders | Fellowship Hall
Jeff Samuelson

Youth Ministry | New Life – Dresher
Bill Bernhard (Wednesday, October 30)

Meet & Greet | Worship Center
Samuelsons (refreshments at 7:00. Jeff & Julie arrive at 7:30)


10:00 am
Tapestry | Worship Center
Heather Lackey 


6:00 pm
Pizza & Salad | Fellowship Hall

7:00 pm
Empowered to Influence | Fellowship Hall
Sophia Wang
The Holy Spirit empowers us as believers to influence our neighbors for Christ. How are you doing with that? Join us at Empowered to Influence as we explore what hinders or frees us to become salt and light.


8:00 am
Breakfast | Fellowship Hall

9:00 am
Empowered to Influence (continued)


9:00 & 10:45 am
Worship Services | Worship Center
Jeff Samuelson – Speaker

Panel Discussion/Q&A | Fellowship Hall
Learn how some of our own Chelten family members are being salt and light in their spheres of influence.

Young Adults / Room 112
Jeff & Julie Samuelson



Billy Bernhard (international students)
Heather Lackey (international hospitality)
Jeff & Julie Samuelson (missions mobilizers – Asia)
Sophia Wang (missions mobilizer – USA)