Jin Lee - November 12, 2023

Winsome Witness

Beautiful Church: A Study in Acts

Discussion Questions How can we balance living out the gospel versus explicitly proclaiming it? What situations might call for a more explicit proclamation of the gospel message? Have you or others you know felt a pressure to create or adopt a "single, one-size-fits-all gospel presentation that should be used everywhere"? What is the appeal of this? What are the risks? Consider a recent conversation you had about your faith. What elements of Paul's approach could you have applied in that conversation?

From Series: "Beautiful Church: A Study in Acts"

Through our sermon series, “Beautiful Church,” in the book of Acts, we’ll explore the foundational elements of the early church and discover how Jesus created a community that has flourished throughout the ages. This series will inspire us to embrace our calling, love one another, and share the hope of Christ in all seasons, just as the early church did.

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