Jin Lee - September 10, 2023

Empowered by Ascension

Beautiful Church: A Study in Acts

Discussion Questions Reflect on the foundation of the church as described in Acts 1:1–2. How does the fact that the church is about what Jesus has done, rather than what we have done, both humble and embolden you? Share a personal story of how being part of a church community has changed your life or the lives of those around you. What makes the people of the church beautiful to you? Discuss the concept of the church as a movement of people rather than just an institution. What does it mean to be part of this movement in your local context and beyond?

From Series: "Beautiful Church: A Study in Acts"

Through our sermon series, “Beautiful Church,” in the book of Acts, we’ll explore the foundational elements of the early church and discover how Jesus created a community that has flourished throughout the ages. This series will inspire us to embrace our calling, love one another, and share the hope of Christ in all seasons, just as the early church did.

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