Jon Shepherd - August 22, 2021

When Fear is Faith

Faith That Moves

In the sermon series, Faith that Moves, our pastors examine the men and women of faith highlighted in Hebrews 11. How did faith mobilize and enable them to fulfill God’s calling? How does faith do the same for us? In this sermon pastor Shep highlights a unique member of Hebrews hall of fame; a woman, a gentile, and a prostitute. Why is Rahab included? Her response to the Hebrew spies revealed a “good fear” of God that both trembled at his power and depended on his mercy. Rahab's fear was faith that moved her.

Scripture References: Hebrews 11:31

From Series: "Faith That Moves"

How does your faith in God manifest into action? How does it move you to fulfill God’s calling on your life? This is what our summer sermon series, Faith That Moves, is all about.

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