Bible Reading Plan

Congratulations on completing the Bible Project 2021—so now what?!

“I really wish my congregation didn’t read the Bible so much!” said no pastor anywhere…ever!  Will You Read the Bible With Us In 2022?

The Bible is so much more than a list of ‘do’s’ and’ don’ts.’ It’s within the pages of Scripture that we discover who God is, learn about his character and understand that God is still speaking to us through his word today!

This year, we encourage you to:

  • Set a time and place – consider starting your day hearing God’s voice first.
  • Choose a reading plan that works for you- read the entire Bible in 2022, from Genesis to Revelation; do a book-by-book study of several books of the Bible during the year; or do a biographical study of biblical characters such as Ruth, Abraham, Esther or Paul.
  • Set aside time to pray and reflect on what you’re reading.

In the coming months, let us know: What plan did you choose? How’s it going? Do you have a plan or method that we can recommend to others? We’d love to hear from you!

Downloads and print a reading plan

Here are a couple, but there are so many more out there to choose from:

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