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The Dual Power of Your Words

Proverbs on Words

Discussion Questions

  • Think about something upsetting you said to someone. How can your words restore what your words had damaged?
  • What is the difference between the words you speak and the impact of those words on someone else?
  • How can you speak words that promote healing instead of simply sharing information?

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Saturday, August 20, 2022
11 am–3 pm

ATTENTION ALL YOU BEEFY CHELTEN MEN! Don’t chicken out—pork out. Join us at Bob Feller’s place to chow down on some grill-sizzling BBQ. No need to count calories. One or two wet & wild pool games in Bob’s backyard cement pond* are sure to cool you down and burn up that newly acquired fat. Seriously, guys. What a great opportunity to spend time with some great new and old friends who love the Lord. Join us.

*Some chronologically disadvantaged youngsters may not know that “cement pond” is Jed Clampett’s hillbilly term for swimming pool.  


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Donations may be placed on the pantry table inside the playground entrance on Sundays or drive up to the pantry entrance.
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