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Redeeming Your Time

Read Ephesians 5:15–17 

Discussion Questions

  • If God gives you 80 years to live (Psalm 90:10-12), count down your remaining years. What thoughts come when you consider how many years you have left?
  • What should you really say instead of “I don’t have time for that?”
  • Think of one activity that takes some time, then consider how it might either be wasted or redeemed.

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For the month of May, Chelten’s Food Pantry will receive a $1.00 donation from each purchase of the $3.00 reusable GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Bag at the ACME store located at 323 Old York Road, Jenkintown PA.


  • Prayer updates for our Chelten family can be found below by clicking the weekly prayer needs button.


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