Sunday Worship Service 3.7.2021

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Discussion Questions:

  • What is one of your strongest hopes that brings you joy?
  • How does that hope make your life different now?
  • Can you imagine how your life would be different if Jesus’ return was your best hope?

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Chelten Family Update

It is hard to believe that we are approaching one year since the pandemic started. As we reflect on these last twelve months, our Chelten family has experienced many reasons to rejoice together and weep together (Rom 12:15). This includes several recent deaths of longtime Chelten members as well as several births:


      • Sandy Griffith – January 7, 2021
      • Andrew Hornak – Feb 25, 2021
      • Memorial Service at Chelten on Monday, March 8


      • Tessa Rose Cieply (Ben & Shawna Cieply)
      • Noah Davis (John & Flavia Davis)
      • Wesley William Gregg (Brandon & Kelly Gregg)
      • Brett Lauer (Andrew & Courtney Lauer)
      • Ashley Mbali Olszewski (Mike & Rachel Olszewski)
      • Elijah Parisi (Jack & Crystal Parisi)
      • John Stout III (“Trey”) (John & Rachel Stout)
      • Molly Wakeman (Mark & Rachel Wakeman)

All Church Prayer Gathering - Tuesdays 7-8pm

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2 Corinthians: Where Can We Find Comfort?
10:15–10:50 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall
Beginning March 7, 2021
Teacher: Keith Howland

Where can Christians find comfort when life becomes increasingly difficult? In Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth, he explains how he emerged from some of his darkest hours. Through suffering, he learned dependence on Christ, as it pointed to Christ’s death and resurrection as a pattern for his own life.

Join us for an inductive study of this New Testament letter. When life closes in around us, may we too find the “Father of mercies and God of all comfort” (1:3) filling our lives with Himself.

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If you have financial or physical needs, our church family is committed to coming alongside you and supporting you during this time. If you are in need, please reach out to your assigned deacon. If you do not have a deacon assigned to you, or you are uncertain of who they are, please reach out directly to James Greco ([email protected]), Chair of the Deacon Board.