Sunday Worship Service 9.13.2020


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Discussion Questions:

  • How have you been self-righteous in your own eyes? How have you “othered” those who are different than you?
  • How do you tend to sin? Is it by being bad (immorality) or good (morality)? In the first two chapters, Jonah disobeys and runs from God. In the last two chapters, Jonah obeys but his self-righteousness heart was revealed when God forgives Ninevites. Where are you?

Worship Song Set:

Everlasting God

Good Good Father

Is He Worthy

Jesus Is The Lord


It’s Not Too Late! 

Join us today at Chelten’s building for in–person worship services!
As a reminder…

  • registration will be required every week (see below)
  • face masks are required the entire time you are in the building

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Starting next Sunday, September 13, we will be having a kid-friendly, VBS-like family worship time at 4:30pm. It will last about 30-45 minutes and is geared for kids to worship the way God made them with wiggles and giggles. Bring your blankets, your Bibles, and be ready to move! Our content will reflect a different focus as we desire parents to continue training and discipling their children in our Sunday morning worship service.



Moms we see you!  We know that it is hard to parent, work, and monitor your child’s education plus everything else that you do! Come for an evening of just relaxing with other moms! Join us in Chelten’s back field for a time around the fire pits. Safely packaged chocolate will be involved! Please pre-register here. The ladies of Children’s Ministries and Tapestry are eager to sit with you and to share the ways that God has been good in the midst of challenging times.


Need Prayer?

Email your prayer requests to [email protected]

If you would like a digital copy of this week’s Chelten family prayer list, please email [email protected].



If you have financial or physical needs, our church family is committed to coming alongside you and supporting you during this time. If you are in need, please reach out to your assigned deacon. If you do not have a deacon assigned to you, or you are uncertain of who they are, please reach out directly to James Greco ([email protected]), Chair of the Deacon Board.




Seeds of Hope Food Pantry

Thank you for your generosity to our pantry during these past months! Over 150 new households have registered with us since March. The need has not lessened as our neighbors continue to pour in to receive food.

What do we need currently?

  • Cereal & cereal bars
  • Soup & crackers
  • Pasta & sauce

Donations can be left on the table near the playground entrance on Sundays. Or dropped off at the pantry Monday, Tuesday or Friday 9-1. (Door A3)