Wednesday Update 3.25.2020

Chelten Family,
May the Lord continue to comfort you during this challenging time so that you may be able to comfort others (2 Cor 1:3-4). You are loved and you are not alone! Take a few minutes to:

  • hear an encouraging report from Kay Negley about Chelten’s Seeds of Hope food pantry
  • look below the video for a number of other important updates and prayer needs from our Chelten family.


Seeds of Hope Food Pantry Update


If you have financial or physical needs, our church family is committed to coming alongside you and supporting you during this time.

If you are in need, please reach out to your assigned deacon. If you do not have a deacon assigned to you, or you are uncertain of who they are, please reach out to [email protected].

Please consider how you might give more generously to the needs of the church family and our communities. You can give online or even mail a gift directly to Chelten.




Chelten, you’ve been serving well in these difficult times. Praise God! We are so encouraged to see the responses of our church family:

  • contacting our most vulnerable
  • sending encouraging notes to those actively serving
  • sharing creative activities with young families
  • reaching out to your neighbors
  • setting up prayer meetings on Zoom

Although there is now even more to pray about, we still have those in our church family who are going through the usual hard issues of life. Let us pray without ceasing for those who are:

  • being laid off from their jobs
  • now isolated in nursing homes
  • still battling various forms of cancer
  • waiting for, or recovering from, surgeries
  • foreign missionaries experiencing even greater restrictions
  • and those in our Chelten family who have recently lost loved ones
    • especially the families of Danny Betts and Earl Sparks in their losses.

If you would like a digital copy of this week’s Chelten family prayer list, please email [email protected].


Practice Hospitality. Especially During a Pandemic.

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Hospitality in a Pandemic

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